Dunoon United FC is first and foremost a football club. We believe that football offers children and adults the opportunity to develop as individuals, not only from a physical and health perspective but also in respect to developing essential life skills, such as learning how to operate within a group/team environment and having lots of fun in the process. While it may often look like chaos on the pitch players will be learning some great lessons just by being out there and trying to navigate the chaos both collectively and as individuals.

The coaching philosophy at Dunoon is based around the National Curriculum set by Football Federation Australia (FFA). As a club we focus on developing the individual player as a complete footballer and not on winning games. Our role is to play a part in preparing players with the skills to be the next Socceroo or Matilda legends and not simply to win games at all cost. Humans are naturally competitive and the desire to win is an innate characteristic of us all. We see our role as helping players develop a broader understanding of what winning means. Scoring the most beautiful goal rather than the most goals, making the most passes not scoring the most goals. We concentrate on coaching the “beautiful game” and let nature take care of the rest.

We believe learning and fun go hand in hand and whilst we are committed to fostering a love and passion for football we never lose sight of the fact that, for our goal to become a reality, fun needs to be an integral part of the learning process. As a club we are very committed to providing a fun but highly qualified learning environment for all players and we pride ourselves on the fact that we support and encourage all our coaches to become suitably qualified to ensure that we are delivering the best possible coaching experience for players of all ages. We currently have 14 FFA Certified coaches covering all age ranges and abilities including Grass Roots, Junior, Youth, Senior and Goal Keeping and these are wonderful resources that are available to all players.